Friday, June 10 2016 14:32 EEST
Ministry of Defence of Ukraine: Polish-Ukrainian combined unit conducts tactical training in defence and counterattack
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June 10. LUBLIN, Poland — Polish infantry battalion reinforced with Ukrainian airborne platoon under LITPOLUKRBRIG command finished live-firing period and began to conduct tactical trainings during ANAKONDA 16 Exercise in Nowa Dęba.

According to peace-support operation scenario proceeding by the Multinational Brigade, where the Commander is Brigadier General Adam Joks, Polish-Ukrainian Company took over a defence in face of an adversary and performed a maneuver.

Afterward, as a result of well-coordinated actions Polish infantry soldiers and Ukrainian paratroopers rushed upon Hummers in flank and back of the attacking counterforce. Surrounded adversary ceased and withdrew.

'During last few days together with Polish partners we achieved desired mutual understanding of tasks and unity of efforts. We live and train together, learn from each other and it facilitates better coordination and subordination. We have a bit different approach in conducting tactical tasks but our cohesion erases all the borders and leads to success,' commented Captain Yurij Rudenko, Airborne Company Commander.

Deputy LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov added that such a combined training practice is very fruitful. It contributes to synchronizing affiliated elements and developing interoperability for future real-life operations.

As reported earlier by, Ministry of Defence of Ukraine: Ukrainian paratroopers participate in Anakonda 2016. This is the first time the Ukrainian servicemen joined such large-scale exercise which will last till June 17.

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