Friday, June 10 2016 14:07 EEST
Nothing is impossible - The last wish of dying woman proves that miracles exist!
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Katherine Bodo is dying of a cancer and one of her last wishes is to be married.

Her groom, John Schneegas, met her almost 11 years ago when he came to the Residential Care facility. It was love at first sight and since then, Kathy is contemplating marriage.

‘When I came, she said: ‘You’re very handsome guy’, confided Schneegas.

Samantha Obbagy, a nurse, reveals some secrets:

‘Kathy is our patient. Our obligation is to lend them an ear and make their last days the most happiest ever’.

In conversation between nurses and Kathy, it became clear that she want to marry John.

Kathy’s sister, Theresa, is also a resident at the facility. She lives here about 13 years and recently she was diagnosed with cancer.

‘She wants to be happy’, says Theresa, who will be a maid of honor at a wedding ceremony.

And everyone became to prepare for wedding. The hospice workers bought flowers, decoration and sweets. Kathy even has a wedding dress, which someone gave in order to make this day unforgettable.

There was no weddings here before that is why all the workers are excited and ready to help newlyweds.

‘I’m grateful to everyone! We would have done it but for theirs help’, said Kathy.

The wedding party had photographs taken before a luncheon reception and cake.

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