Friday, June 10 2016 13:38 EEST
'Naftogaz' won’t buy Russian gas for $177 in third quarter - Vitrenko
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'Naftogaz' of Ukraine doesn’t agree to buy Russian gas for $177 per 1 tcm in the third quarter, the company’s director of business development Yuriy Vitrenko says.

'Russian Minister of Energy says that 'Gazprom' will sell us gas for $177 in the third quarter. If adjusted according to caloric content, the final price will be $182-183. He believes that this is even lower than the market price. We don’t think so. German market’s price for July, for example, was less than $173 yesterday. That is why we won’t buy the gas from 'Gazprom' under these conditions. We’ll buy all the necessary gas on European market. We have no problems with that,' he said.

At the same time, Vitrenko stressed that the fact that the price of 'Gazprom' remained at the level, which is even higher than the German hubs is to be useful for 'Naftogaz' in The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

On June 9, the head of Russia’s Ministry of Energy Aleksandr Novak said that the contract price of gas for Ukraine in the 2nd quarter ($ 177 per 1 tcm without discounts) was more comfortable than European spot.

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