Thursday, June 9 2016 18:37 EEST
Radical protesters broke into the city hall, Lviv, Ukraine
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Fights and tear gas in city hall of Lviv, western Ukraine. Radical protesters demand resignation of city mayor Andriy Sadovy.

Accoridng to 112UA, Civil activists, mostly representative of far-right movement UNA-UNSO, broke into the city hall, demanding that mayor Andriy Sadovy resigned. The activists expected the official to report on the actions taken to put out the fire at a local Grybovychi junkyard. The fire's been holding on for ten days by now, firemen and rescue teams put in all efforts to cope with teh disaster. The fire already claimed lives of several people.

Clashes took place in the city hall's corridor, then in the session hall. Protesters said law enforcers who protected the entrance to the city hall used tear gas against them. Some protesters boke into the session hall and blocked the rostrum, where another clash took place. The city hall's secretary announced the session closed.

Local NGOs started to collect signatures under petition for mayor's resignation, due to his incompetence in the situation with the fire on the Grybovychi junkyard. It's been the second time that locals are trying to get rid of the mayor. Sadovy himself didn't show up at the city hall's session, as he was present at the court hearing in the case of a man who threw a frag grenade inside his house in October last year.

Currently, the situation near Lviv's city hall is calm; the police and the National Guard remain in position, guarding the entrance and the approaches to the building. 

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