Thursday, June 9 2016 16:45 EEST
The Su-27 crashed at the suburbs of Moscow, Russian Defense Ministry’s press service reports
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Earlier, the source told that the MiG-29 had crashed during a training flight. The pilot's body was found near the exploded plane. According to the Defense Ministry, the Russian plane crashed while returning to the main airfield in Moscow region.

'The flight was performed without ammunition there is no destruction in the area,' the militaries mentioned.

The Defense Ministry notes that the pilot did his best to deflect the plane from the village and as a result he did not have any time to eject.

The main version of the tragedy is considered to be a technical error. A special commission is now working at the crash site.

The plane crashed about a kilometer away from residential buildings of the village of Artemovo in Pushkinskiy region. The area is closed and firefighters are trying to put out the burning wreckage.

They have already found two 'black boxes' of the Su-27 at the crash site. According to some preliminary data, they are in satisfactory condition.

'The pilot was performing aerobatics at exhibition, when he crashed. There are corresponding markings on the wreckage of the plane,' the source added.

The Su-27 is a multipurpose fourth-generation fighter. The aircraft was put into service in 1985 and still is one of the main models in Russia.

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