Thursday, June 9 2016 17:17 EEST
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Micky Rosenfeld: Investigation into Tel Aviv terrorist attack continues
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Terror attack in Tel Aviv: 4 dead and 19 injured. Two Palestinians from Hebron are suspected.

Official Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld posted on Twitter:

'Investigation into Tel Aviv terrorist attack continues. Both Palestinian terrorists were captured by police units responding at the scene.'

According to 112.UA, the suspects were dressed as ultra-Orthodox Jews. Some witnesses say that they wore suits; witnesses also described the skullcap (kippah) on at least one of the attackers.

According to preliminary reports, the terrorists are cousins from Hebron in the West Bank of the Jordan River.

The attack killed four people on the territory of Saron market and more than 19 injured. Police arrested the two attackers, one of whom was brought with severe injuries from the gun shooting to Ichilov hospital.

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