Thursday, June 9 2016 15:39 EEST
Watch: Mauricio Galdi has dedicated many years of his 28 on earth trying to resemble a Ken doll
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Brazil's number one 'Human Ken Doll' Mauricio Galdi was seen walking the streets of Sao Paulo, on Tuesday night.

Although he already looks far more like a plastic toy than any human being should, he now wants to have four of his ribs removed to even more closely resemble his odd idol favourite doll, Barbie's boyfriend 'Ken'.

Although Galdi has already had eight rounds of plastic surgery, he’s not close to done.

Mauricio claims that he was crowned the 'Brazilian Ken doll' by local media, saying that it was not a term he previously used. Since finding fame for his 'Ken-like' appearances, Galdi has gathered over 21,000 followers on Instagram. 

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