Thursday, June 9 2016 15:05 EEST
Journalists predict Russia’s terrible punishment for Crimea and Donbass
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Aleksandr Nevzorov notes that Russia will gain 'the reputation of a political Pithecanthropus with a rusty nuclear club' again.

The well-known Russian journalist and filmmaker Aleksandr Nevzorov said that the price for Russia’s occupation of the Donbass and Crimea is to be incommensurable with the benefits of its adventures.

'As for Crimea, it is clear that the punishment for the situation will be frightening and sensitive for everyone,' he said. 'Russia will lose the most important thing - the opportunity to participate in the global development. This is a terrible price for a tiny resort. Russia will gain the reputation of a political Pithecanthropus with a rusty nuclear club.'

In addition, Nevzorov is sure that Russia will get some terrible punishment for the actions of its volunteers in the Donbass.

'These things shouldn’t be done at least for a simple reason,' the journalist says. 'There were no individuals and no ways to do this in a nice and true way. This resulted in some criminal awful, shameful story that now is useless both for Russia and Ukraine. Nobody needs it, except few gangs of terrorists, who are just robbing the region.'

Russian leadership actively supports the separatists with money, weapons and information through the controlled media. In addition, Russian troops take part in battles by the side of the unrecognized DPR and LPR.

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