Thursday, June 9 2016 14:37 EEST
Mines and metallurgy stop in Donbass, Ukraine: Militants make thousands of residents jobless
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The management of Donetskstal metallurgical plant has decided to stop the enterprise completely. 'All the employees except the securities will be sent for long free vacations, maybe even up to the end of the ATO,' a source from the plant says.

This decision was made due to the fact that the leaders of the DPR’s militants offered the plant’s management re-registration of the enterprise in the false republic to get taxes from there. But the management denied the proposals saying that it’s impossible to carry out trading activities after the change of registration and refusal to accept Ukrainian standards of quality.

'This April the plant’s management got an ultimatum to pay money for the DPR’s local budget. In case of non-payment, the company was promised a transport blockade and reducing in gas and electricity supply,' the source said.

The conservation of blast furnaces was started there too.

The step is considered to be an element of pressure on the DPR’s militants. If the plant stops, then lots of areas and infrastructure will be left without hot water.

The militants’ reaction to the plant’s stop still is unknown.

About 5,000 employees are working there right now. The plant’s owner is Russia’s citizen Victor Nusenkis and the chief of its management is Aleksandr Ryzhenkov.

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