Thursday, June 9 2016 14:08 EEST
SBU offers two ways out for Zakharchenko: 'He should either surrender or shoot himself'
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The direct communication line between the self-proclaimed DPR’s leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko and residents of Zaporizhzhia region was not left without a sharp comment from Ukrainian side.

This was commented by the SBU’s press secretary Elena Gitlyanskaya in a very sharp way. In her view, the head of the republic should shoot himself.

This was reported by Rossiyskiy Dialog that referred to Gitlyanskaya’s page in a social network.

'We have witnessed Zakharchenko’s public communication with himself again. This usually requires some psychiatric help. In addition, the direct communication lines weakened the puppet a lot and he showed certain signs of real paranoia. The militant started accusing the SBU of all the problems confirming his own helplessness... We recommend the Donbass Führer to surrender or shoot himself in order to prevent mental complications,' she wrote in Facebook.

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