Wednesday, June 8 2016 21:02 EEST
Most Russians support governmental policy despite sanctions
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75% of Russian citizens support the Kremlin's ideas. Three quarters of the Russians believe that Russia should continue its policy, despite the sanctions. This was stated in the poll of Russian non-governmental research organization 'Levada-Center.' The poll was conducted on 27-30 May 2016.

Thus, answering the question, how Russia should act in response to the sanctions of Western countries, 75% told 'to continue its policy despite the sanctions,' 17% advised 'to seek a compromise, to make concessions in order to avoid the sanctions' and 8 % gave no answer at all.

According to the poll, this is the highest level of support for the Russian state policy in the past two years.

At the same time, 47% of respondents have a positive attitude towards the idea of lifting the ban for food from the EU countries, 40% were against this idea and 13% didn’t answer the question.

In addition, 71% believe that the European Union will anti-Russian sanctions this summer, 15% have the opposite opinion and 14% didn’t give any definite answer.

The West introduced anti-Russian sanctions because of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. In particular, it’s because of the annexation of Ukrainian Crimea and the start of conflicts in the Donbass.

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