Wednesday, June 8 2016 20:06 EEST
Euro 2016: Young fan from Lviv finally goes to France
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The family of Bobenchik managed to 'fill the gap' in the papers.

A young fan 8-year-old Vova Bobenchik from Lviv is leaving for the Euro 2016 with his parents! Yesterday, the French embassy satisfied the family's appeal and gave the 'green light' to the trip. They note that there were some gaps in the first package of the papers, but the family of Bobenchik managed to fill them later. The family got the passports and visas just a few hours before the departure.

'Volodya’s dream has come true. The visa is in the passport! Now we have just to support our team!' the boy’s mom Maryna Bobenchik wrote in Facebook.

The Bobenchiks became ones of many Ukrainians, who had Euro’s tickets and transport but faced problems in obtaining 'Schengen' from the French embassy. The Ukrainians complained that the French embassy delayed its checking of visa applications and kept the papers for too long time.

But the French embassy claims that its employees are processing the documents overtime: 'The number of application has increased before the Euro, we had to recruit additional staff. The embassy has issued 13,000 visas since the beginning of the year and 2,500 of them were made just for the Euro.'

As reported earlier by, Ukrainian famous eight-year-old football fan heading to EURO-2016 denied visa. A famous 8-year-old football fan from the city of Lviv, Volodymyr Bobenchyk, may miss UEFA EURO-2016, because the Embassy of France denied granting an entry visa to him and his parents, Ukraine Today reports.

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