Wednesday, June 8 2016 19:29 EEST
War in Donbass: Savchenko and Yarosh meet at frontline

Nadiya has tested a unique experimental weapon. Dmitriy Yarosh and Nadiya Savchenko met at the frontline of the Donbass.

On June 6-7, Yarosh and Savchenko visited Ukrainian soldiers from different units located in the hottest points of Donetsk region - the city of Avdeevka and the village of Shirokino. During the trip, the deputies met the head of Avdeevka’s military-civilian administration Pavel Malyhin.

Moreover, Nadiya Savchenko attended the bases of the 5th and 8th army’s battalions and tested a unique experimental weapon there.

'The fighters, who had a talk with Nadiya Savchenko, were interested in just one thing: when our offensive is to start. Nadiya’s current position on this issue is quite reasonable: she believes that it is necessary to do everything to waste as little blood as possible, so that Ukrainian prisoners will be able to come back. She spoke in favor of leading war by sabotage groups. She also hopes to close the border with Russia and to reduce the Kremlin's influence on the so-called 'LPR-DPR,' the statement reads.

In addition, Yarosh and Savchenko discussed future cooperation on the issues of defense, volunteers and release of Ukrainian prisoners.

'Time will tell how rewarding the cooperation is to be, but we can already say that the two politicians and warriors have found understanding,' the statement concluded.

As reported earlier by, At least nine journalists are considered to be killed since the start of armed clashes in the Donbass two years ago. This was reported by Andriy Parubiy, the speaker of Ukrainian Parliament.

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