Wednesday, June 8 2016 19:02 EEST
Ukrainian Anna Ushenina became European Chess champion
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​Ukrainian chess player competed for the first place with Spanish Sabrina Vega and defeated her on additional indicators.

‘Ukrainian Anna Ushenina won European Chess Championship among women’ Chess Association of Ukraine reported.

Ushenina ended the championship scoring 8.5 out 11. In the last tour Spanish player Sabrina Vega has caught up with her, but Ukrainian has managed to win due to additional indicators.

Antoanetta Stepfanova from Bulgaria is on a third place.

At the national Ukrainian Women's Championship, her progress and achievements have been noteworthy. In 2003 (Mykolaiv) and 2004 (Alushta), she finished in fourth and sixth places respectively, thereafter becoming the champion at Alushta in 2005, and outperforming top seed Tatjana Vasilevich along the way. She almost repeated the success at Odessa in 2006, finishing second, but ahead of the higher rated Natalia Zhukova and Inna Gaponenko.At these combined (men and women) events, she has defeated grandmasters of the calibre of Anton Korobov and Oleg Romanishin and in Ukraine was endowed with the title 'Honored Master of Sports.'

In the final of the Women's World Chess Championship 2012 she achieved a tiebreak victory over Antoaneta Stefanova to become the 14th Women's World Chess Champion. This automatically entitled her to the title of grandmaster and also qualified her to the 2013 Chess World Cup. She is Ukraine's first women's world chess champion and thanks to this victory Ushenina was voted Ukraine's best female chess player of 2012.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko congratulated Ushenina on his Twitter:

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