Wednesday, June 8 2016 16:46 EEST
'No need to join us' - Crimean beaches are getting abandoned, prices are growing
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The third holiday season has started in Crimea after the annexation. It is likely to finish in a failure like in previous years.

Despite the shortage of tourists, the occupation authorities have declared a wish to beat all the records this year. According to the 'head' of Crimean parliament Vladimir Konstantinov, Crimea is going to host about 7 million tourists!

The Crimeans say the plan is absolutely impossible. Social networks’ users are sharing pics of popular resorts, which are now empty: the famous beach of Koktebel is grassy, the quays of Beregovoye and Saki are deserted, the restaurants and bars in Shelkino are closed and the former beach of Yalta was covered with concrete and turned into a parking.

'Tents with souvenirs were located in two rows along the quays. And now there are only a few of them in the corners,' residents of Feodosiya say. The brokers also are jobless.

'In Ukraine we used to complain about too much tourists in early June. Now we are sitting at home. No work!' they explain.

But there are not only the locals who are unhappy. Generous Russian tourists are outraged with high prices.

'I have a lot of questions. When I was in Sevastopol I asked a seller why the price for her vegetables is three times higher than in St. Petersburg' - she told me hysterically.

'There was no need to join us!' the Russian says.

The prices for fruits and vegetables really are very high and Russian tourists are trying to bargain to save a bit, but it is very annoying for Crimean sellers.

'If a tourist starts bargaining, he’s not a Muscovite, but a poor bumpkin. We want no poor Muscovites here!' the sellers from Alushta claimed.

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