Wednesday, June 8 2016 14:39 EEST
Flight MH17 crash in Donbass, Ukraine: Private detective deprived of resonance documents
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The inquest wants to seize materials of a private investigation. The authorities of Germany and Switzerland conducted a search of a private detective and took away the documents, which contained information about the circumstances of the Boeing 777’s crash.

They have already conducted a search of the detective Josef Resch’s house in Bad Schwartau in Germany and his bank safe in Zurich.

Reporters noted that Resch had got a request to investigate the circumstances of the crash from an unknown customer. The Prosecutor's Office of the Netherlands that had sent a request for legal assistance to Switzerland refused to reveal the safe’s content.

Josef Resch is the founder of the private detective agency 'Wifka'. Two years ago he announced a reward of $30 mln for any information that would help him to find the ones who’re guilty of the crash. In addition, Resch promised $17 mln for any info about an attempt of governments or public organizations to hide the materials.

According to the detective, this money was given by an anonymous client who ordered this private investigation.

In 2015, Resch told that the $17 mln had been paid. Thus, this stage of the investigation was closed.

The detective probably was deprived of documents with 'resonant content', which are to help the investigators to find those guilty of the tragedy.

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