Wednesday, June 8 2016 14:06 EEST
Returning Crimea might not be utmost priority for Ukraine - Poroshenko’s counselor
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Ex-NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen advises that the government focuses on reforms and implementation of Minsk agreements.

'Of course, in the long-term perspective, it’s the goal of all Western states. We never recognized the illegal annexation of the Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – by the USSR. Likewise, we will never recognize Crimea’s annexation by Russia. However, I will also advise to not make it the urgent priority. Yes, it’s on the agenda, and so it will remain. But as of now, one has to focus on other issues like reforms, full implementation of Minks agreements and so on', Rasmussen said.

As reported earlier by, Putin, stay out! - NATO is ready to protect its allies from Russian aggression. Earlier, NATO officials discussed just the possible threat from Russia. Now it addressed Putin with an urgent advice. According to its words, Russian president should stay out of its way.

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