Wednesday, June 8 2016 13:32 EEST
DPR creates scheme to present Ukrainian parties in elections - Limonov
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Occupied Donetsk feverishly is developing schemes for local elections. There have been no information yet. The 'law' on public organizations has just passed after the first reading. It’s most likely to be adopted in two weeks.

This was reported by the former leader of the banned National Bolshevik Party Eduard Limonov in LiveJournal. He described the situation in Donetsk referring to a private letter.

'I think we should try to get the LDPR’s passports. There was a statement that claimed that the voting is possible only for those, who have these passports,' an unnamed Limonov’s friend writes.

The man is now in Donetsk and says that exploding shells can be heard at nights. The authorities carefully hide all the information about the victims and survivors. The AFU has been controlling more and more area in Avdeyevka.

'It is not clear what we are closer to – the sluggish development of events or the war,' Limonov’s source concluded.

Earlier, Limonov said that the Kremlin is playing with election again as only proven actors get the powers.

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