Wednesday, June 8 2016 13:09 EEST
New wave of 'Lenin-fall' reaches Moscow, Russia
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On June 7, some unknown persons knocked Lenin’s monument down and recaptured Ilyich’s head in Russia’s capital. The monument was located in Klimashkin’s street in Moscow. They pulled the sculpture from the pedestal and then knocked its head off.

Lenin’s headless sculpture was found near the pedestal in the morning. Eyewitnesses reported that there was a piece of rope near the monument. They think that the prominent leader of the world’s proletariat was thrown to the ground with it.

There was a sheet of paper with a rebus on it nearby. The rebus depicts a striped vest and a rack. The answer to the riddle is a word 'broadcaster'. Moscow police started checking chances for vandalism.

According to Moscow’s communal services, the sculpture fell because of the strong wind that was blowing at night.

This is not the first attempt to throw Lenin in Russia. Thus, last November unknown men painted Lenin’s lips red in Yaroslavl. In September, someone painted Lenin’s sculpture in the colors of Ukrainian flag in Chelyabinsk. 

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