Tuesday, June 7 2016 20:54 EEST
Shock News: Truck fell on man’s head in Indiana, USA
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When police arrived, the head of injured man was bleeding, but the man was awake.

The Times of Northwest Indiana reported on Facebook:

The accident took place in Northwest Indiana, USA. 51-year old Gregory Driver was working under the truck when suddenly a drunk driver crashed into it. As a result, the truck fell on man’s head.

‘A man was injured, but he was able to response ahead after the accident’, a police reports.

The victim was taken to a Methodist Hospitals Northtake Campus.

The suspect got away from the crime scene but later he was arrested. It was Pedro Villanueva, 58 year old. The police charged him with driving under the influence and leaving an accident scene, which has resulted in a serious bodily harm.

When police arrived, driver was bleeding, but was able to talk to police.

The eyewitnesses saw Villanueva going into a wooded area near the park. In some time, police found him hiding behind a ton of grit.

Villanueva was driven to a Portage Hospital for medical clearance, but he refused to give his blood for a chemical test. After the tests and researches will be done, he will be taken to Porter County Jail. 

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