Tuesday, June 7 2016 20:23 EEST
Watch: Talking parrot Bud was witness to Martin Duram's murder
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In what police are investigating as an attempted murder suicide, a case in Sand Lake Michigan is making headlines for the strange and unusual witness, an African Gray Parrot Bud.

Martin Duram, 45, died in May 2015 and his wife Glenna, 46, was shot in the head with a gun kept in the house in what police originally thought was a double murder .

But she survived the attack and now Duram's parents Lillian and Charles are blaming her for the alleged crime.

They say that Glenna shot her husband dead then tried to kill herself but survived the gunshot wound to the head.

Charles Duram told WOOD TV : 'I personally think he was there and he remembers it and he was saying it.'

American politician, Christian minister, author, musician, and commentator Mike Huckabee shared on Facebook:

'This is like something out of an old 'Columbo' episode: The parents of a murder victim believe their son was killed by his wife, and their witness is the couple’s African gray parrot, who seems to be repeating their son's last words. This is no surprise to two of my staffers who rescue parrots and are always telling stories about how smart they are, particularly their African gray, Dorian Gray. They claim he speaks in complete sentences and could easily take the stand in a murder trial. But the defense attorney would probably object that he was being bribed because he would refuse to talk until the DA gave him a peanut.'

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