Tuesday, June 7 2016 19:21 EEST
Ukrainian air force is to perform observation flights over Russia
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The air force of Ukrainian Defense Ministry will perform three observation flights over the territory of Russia this year, the Ministry’s spokesman Dmitriy Hutsulyak says.

The Ministry of Defence has already carried out one observation flight over the Russian Federation with the groups from the UK and Canada in 2016. Another three flights still are to be performed.

According to the spokesman, these measures let them give detailed assessment of the military activities of Russians along the border between Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine performed five observation flights over Russian territory in 2015.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, The Ministry of Defence claims that it now is going in for the revival of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. It is sure that they will be able to launch 30 warships and boats by 2020.

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