Tuesday, June 7 2016 17:37 EEST
Azerbaijan is to buy ten Ukrainian An-178s
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The price of the contract still is unknown. The President of Azerbaijani company has signed a contract with Ukraine’s Antonov State Company. It’s going to buy ten An-178 transport planes.

The negotiations have been held for about a year. The contract’s price still is kept in secret. The Azerbaijanis have made the first advance payment, but it also is unknown.

According to the report, Azerbaijan will receive the An-178 planes in two stages during the two years: firstly, it is to get two and then another eight ones. It’s possible that they’ll be built on the territory of Azerbaijan.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced the sale of An-178s to Azerbaijan during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Antonov State Company. However, there were no details of the contract then.

The Ukrainian An-178 made its first flight in May, 2015.

The company’s new model is able to operate in various weather and climate conditions, particularly in high temperature and humidity; it can base on airfields’ runways with surfaces of different quality.

The plane can be effectively used in the logistic schemes, which require transportation of packaged goods, pallets, containers, including large C1s.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Ukraine and Azerbaijan to strengthen military and technical cooperation by joint production of An-178.

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