Tuesday, June 7 2016 16:30 EEST
Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK Natalia Galibarenko: 'Only God knows how many people were killed, kidnapped and tortured by Strelkov and his murderers'
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Ambassador’s comment on the article by Shaun Walker for the Guardian 'Russia's 'valiant hero' in Ukraine turns his fire on Vladimir Putin'

According to The Guardian, two years ago, Igor Strelkov was the most notorious personality of the war in east Ukraine. A former Russian security forces officer, with a clipped grey moustache and a penchant for historical re-enactments, Strelkov led the takeover of the town of Slavyansk in April 2014, which presaged the armed conflict across the region.

Natalia Galibarenko started with a citation by Sir Winston Churchill - 'Where there is a great deal of free speech there is always a certain amount of foolish speech.'

Embassy of Ukraine to the UK shared ambassador’s comment on Facebook:

Russian murderer Igor Strelkov cannot fool me. Once a 'military hero' for Russians he is now portraying himself as opposition to his former boss Vladimir Putin. Why not to say as simple as that: 'I wanted more, I wanted to become a governor in Eastern Ukraine, having unlimited power to jail, kill, rape and so on. I am so much disappointed that Ukrainians have been capable to disrupt Putin’s plans to go further. I am also so much upset that the Russian President decided to substitute me with the other guy. That is why I feel so lonely…?.'

I am not going to question the right of a journalist to have interview with whomever he thinks is appropriate.

But as Ambassador and citizen of Ukraine I do question the rationale for a leading media to interview a person who has admitted on numerous occasions that he has his hands coated with blood.

For those who need more information on Igor Strelkov I would like to suggest just one citation of Strelkov’s own words to media, describing his policy in the occupied Donbas: 'We had the military tribunal, legislation dated back to 1941 which was introduced by Stalin. Based on that legislation we held trials, shot people. During my time in Slovyansk (Donetsk region of Ukraine) we shot four people.'

But in fact only God knows how many people were killed, kidnapped and tortured by Strelkov and his murderers. This is what The Hague Tribunal will make its decision on.'

Igor Vsevolodovich Girkin better known by the pseudonym Igor Ivanovich Strelkov is a Russian army artillery veteran who played a key role in the Russian occupation of Crimea, and next the War in Donbass as an organizer of the Donetsk People's Republic's militant groups.

Girkin, a self-described Russian nationalist and imperialist, participant of several other conflicts, was charged by Ukraine authorities with terrorism and is currently sanctioned by the European Union for his leading role in the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian authorities have called him a retired colonel of the GRU (Russia's external military intelligence organisation).

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Russian political scientist and blogger Anatoliy Nesmiyan also known as El Murid, is confident that the fighter Arseniy Pavlov known as 'Motorola' was wounded due to the Kremlin's actions.

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