Tuesday, June 7 2016 14:39 EEST
Ukrainian visa-free regime’s petition reaches Canadian government
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120 deputies and senators have supported Ukraine. A petition on a visa-free regime for short trips of Ukrainians to Canada has been taken for consideration of the government.

'E-petition e-33, submitted by the House of Commons’ website has come to the government today,' the parliamentary secretariat stated.

The government now has 45 days to prepare a written response to this request.

The private e-petition to abolish visas for short-term trips (90 days) of Ukrainian citizens to Canada was filed to the Federal Parliament by Canadian-born Mykola Kravets.

It has got almost five times more signatures than the minimum amount that is necessary for its consideration, and received support from 120 members of the federal parliament and senators from all the four main political parties including the leader of the official opposition Rona Ambrose.

The Liberal Party, which has the majority in the current Canadian parliament promised to 'work toward the goal' (i. e. the abolition of visas for Ukrainians) in case of its victory in the electoral campaign.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Germany is against abolition of visas for Ukrainians. The European Commission is going to abolish visas for Georgia, Ukraine and Kosovo. However, German authorities have expressed dissatisfaction on this matter saying that the abolition of the visas can lead to the growth of organized crime and illegal migration.

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