Tuesday, June 7 2016 13:33 EEST
Occupier must answer for violation of freedom of speech in Crimea - Poroshenko
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Ukraine’s leader Petro Poroshenko is going to initiate new sanctions against the violators of freedom of speech in annexed Crimea.

This became known from the report that was released on the presidential page in Facebook.

According to the President of Ukraine, he gave the order to work out the announced issue. The sanctions are considered to be of personal nature.

They affect all those involved in legal violations, which are linked to the activities of media and those who suppress freedom of speech in the territory of Crimea.

Poroshenko stressed that the sanctions can be initiated "due to Russian occupiers’ systemic and purposeful violations of human rights to freedom of speech and beliefs."

The first anti-Russian sanctions came into force after the Kremlin authorities had invaded the Crimean peninsula.

They were expanded during the most severe confrontation in eastern Ukraine, where the invasion of Russian army and countless mercenaries had been noticed.

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