Tuesday, June 7 2016 11:54 EEST
Germany is against abolition of visas for Ukrainians
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The European Commission is going to abolish visas for Georgia, Ukraine and Kosovo. However, German authorities have expressed dissatisfaction on this matter saying that the abolition of the visas can lead to the growth of organized crime and illegal migration.

Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that the number of robberies in the country is growing because of international gangs’ activities. In particular, the Minister noted the activities of Georgian criminal groups in Germany, mentioning that they were going in for burglaries.

Berlin insists on a gradual approach to the matter of visas’ abolition. But the European Commission is eager to open borders for all the countries at once as soon as possible. The Bundestag believes that the visas should be abolished gradually: at first they should be cancelled for one country and then to another. It doesn’t want to consider the abolition of visas for Georgia, Ukraine and Kosovo at once. German politicians claim that it’s difficult to convince German citizens of the need for a visa-free regime. They are sure that the above mentioned approach will let do so.

Germany and France have been developing an article that let some EU countries abolish visas.

'I can only warn against the visa-free regime with Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo. First of all, there should be certain mechanisms, which don’t let these countries abuse our right to asylum,' Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herman states.

Thus, despite the fact that Ukraine has fulfilled all the obligations on liberalization of visa regime, it is not to get the visa-free regime in the nearest future. It turned out that the EU was not ready to provide Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo with such a regime for security reasons.

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