Monday, June 6 2016 21:24 EEST
Militants hold residents of occupied village in Donbass and don’t let them go - OSCE
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The residents of the village in the occupied Donbass became hostages of terrorists as they don’t let them go from Novoaleksandrovka.

The pro-Russian militants banned the residents of occupied Novoaleksandrovka from leaving the village, the OSCE says.

'The village of Novoaleksandrovka is located 60 km to the west of Luhansk. Some residents have complained about the inability to leave the village. They are concerned about their limited access to food and medical supplies,' the OSCE’s press service noted.

They meant the direction of Marevka that is located to the north-east of Novoaleksandrovka.

The terrorists from the checkpoint that was located near Marevka. told the observers that according to their commander’s decision, the entry to Novoaleksandrovka was limited due to security reasons.

They did not provide any more explanations.

'The OSCE has continued to monitor the presence of mines and unexploded shells along the contact line and could see a wire on the west side of the road 1.5 km to the north of Novoaleksandrovka,' the mission’s statement reads.

The militants from the LPR didn’t let the OSCE’s observers go from Stanitsa Luhanska to the direction of occupied Luhansk.

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