Monday, June 6 2016 19:39 EEST
Anti-aircraft guns still are 'crying' in Donbass, Ukraine
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The situation still is tense. The militants violated the ceasefire 35 times over the past day. In particular, according to the military headquarters of the operation, 19 cases of violation were recorded in the direction of Mariupol, the 13 ones – in the direction of Donetsk and 3 cases – in Luhansk.

The enemies used the ZU-23-2 antiaircraft gun in Novozvanovka. Ukrainian militaries faced fire from infantry combat vehicles, large-caliber machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades in the direction of Luhansk.

Shelling in the direction of Donetsk at the area of Avdeevka, Opytne, Pesok, and the mines of Butovka, Mayorsk, Myronovskyi and Luhanske still is tense. The enemy opened fire with small arms, heavy machine guns, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades.

The enemy used to hit some targets in the direction of Mariupol near Pavlopol and Krasnohorovka. The militants used small arms, heavy machine guns and grenade launchers of various systems against the positions of Mariinka, Krasnohorovka, Novotroitsk, Shirokino and Lebedinske.

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