Monday, June 6 2016 19:04 EEST
Watch: Ukraine creates 'Mosquito' fleet
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The Ministry of Defence claims that it now is going in for the revival of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. It is sure that they will be able to launch 30 warships and boats by 2020. However, experts say that Ukraine cannot afford building warships right now. It only is able to produce small artillery or missile boats, which could become the basis for the so-called 'Mosquito' fleet known for its high-speed and maneuverability.

Last week, the press service of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence reported a gradual increase of the Naval Forces.

'Marines, coastal artillery and other units of the Navy actively participate in the ATO of the Donbass and are ready to resist any armed aggression from the sea,' the speaker of the Ministry of Defence Oksana Gavrilyuk said.

According to her, the Ministry has quite ambitious plans for the development of Ukrainian Naval Forces.

'We are going to upgrade the fleet and to build more than 30 warships and boats by 2020,' Oksana Gavrilyuk said.

Ukraine has to re-create its fleet after the annexation of Crimea in 2014. This process was already started.

'Two armored artillery small boats have been built for the Ukrainian Navy and another four ones still are in production. In addition, the Ministry of Defence has signed a governmental contract with the Kiev’s Leninskaya Kuznitsa plant on the construction of two landing boats,' Gavrilyuk added.

The claims on the 30 ships, which are to be built for the Ukrainian fleet, have appeared far not for the first time. The former commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Sergei Haiduk said the same about a year ago. Experts doubt that Ukrainian defence industry will be able to build 30 ships by 2020.

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