Monday, June 6 2016 16:44 EEST
Humanitarian situation in DPR and LPR becomes worse - Thousands of residents are to ruin 'republics'
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The DPR’s authorities have been destroying the occupied cities for the second year. The DPR and LPR have been cutting and stopping a huge number of factories since 2014. They promised that residents are to live like in the USSR, but they didn’t specify that this means far not the returning of youth, but shortage of food, medicines and money.

In late May, the railwaymen from Yasinovataya and Debaltsevo said they had no wish to work for free and stopped the trains. They had told about their campaign in April and even sent a letter to Aleksandr Zakharchenko, but none responded to their threat. They said that the railways’ bosses intimidated them with the MGB’s cellars, as they were confident that the people still continue working silently.

The trains were allegedly stopped to spite Ukraine. However, it turned out that the inhabitants of occupied Alchevsk and Makiyivka are suffering most of all now. Metallurgical plants stopped working in these large industrial cities.

According to official information, the metallurgical plant of Makiyivka was transferred into the mode of shutdown due to the strike of railwaymen and the lack of opportunity to ship the metal until June 10. There also are some rumors that the plant was closed.

The situation in Alchevsk is the same. The plant doesn’t work, the raw material is coming to its end and there are a lot of unsolved issues on contracts.

The locals say that the plant won’t start working up to Friday.

'The strikers thought that they hurt Ukraine, but in fact it’s the residents, who are to suffer, checkmate! great move!' citizens wrote in the social network.

Due to the closures of the enterprises, thousands of residents were left without salaries, but Zakharchenko seems indifferent about the issue of the strikers' payments.

As reported earlier by, Police detained DNR terrorist, who came to 'vacation'. They found two pistols, explosives, high-caliber rifle and ammunition in his house.

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