Monday, June 6 2016 13:32 EEST
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Another war crime of Daesh - Mass grave of 400 Iraqi soldiers found near Fallujah, Iraq
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The grave was found by the Iraqi militants on the northern outskirts of Fallujah. The most part of the city still is controlled by the Islamists.

The mass grave with the bodies of Iraqi soldiers of the government army was found in the area of Es-Saklyaviya in the north of Fallujah. It contains 400 soldiers’ bodies.

They can be united by one fact - all the soldiers were shot in the head. According to preliminary information, all the militaries which were killed by Daesh had been served in the 10th battalion of the 30th brigade of the Iraqi governmental army.

Es Saklyaviya is located in the north of Fallujah. Daesh considered it as one of the main lines of defense on the approaches to the city. The Islamists left the area as a result of the Iraqi governmental army’s offensive.

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