Monday, June 6 2016 13:06 EEST
Russia reveals real cause of terrorist 'Motorola' injury
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Russian political scientist and blogger Anatoliy Nesmiyan also known as El Murid, is confident that the fighter Arseniy Pavlov known as 'Motorola' was wounded due to the Kremlin's actions.

'Motorola’s injury and his leaving for Petersburg seem to appear in proper time, no matter how and where the injury was received,' Andriy Chervonets quoted El Murid as saying in his LiveJournal.

According to the expert, Moscow will have to face the discontent of 'vacationers' and first of all, with their leadership. All the ideological militants have been eliminated, but there still are reputable mercenaries in the Donbass and they really can make definite risks for the Kremlin. It is possible that not all the famous leaders of the LDPR will get off with such minor injuries.

According to the analyst, the mercenaries are being introduced with new rules now. They disarm all the militants and make them submit a paper that prescribes not to shoot against Ukrainian troops in the front line. Moreover, the storage of ammunition is being moved in the direction of Luhansk, so that they will be able to send it to Russia later.

As reported earlier by, The state traitors in Crimea are to hold criminal responsibility - first in absentia, and later the real one. This was stated by Ukrainian Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko during his TV-interview on June 2. Lutsenko to visit 'Goblin' and 'Nyasha' with Ukrainian army.

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