Saturday, June 4 2016 19:30 EEST
Georgia Defense Minister: Russia molding new world order, serious response needed
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'There is a country out there that is setting up new international law, that is creating new international order, that is in the process of revising everything that civilized world had agreed about after the World War II, said Tinatin Khidasheli, addressing the participants of a Wroclaw Forum 'Keep Europe Safe,' according to News Day Georgia.

'I think that Europe is in danger today as well as the global security. After Crimea there was serious security challenge to the entire world not to just Europe,'the minister said - UNIAN reports. 

'Warsaw Summit in July constitutes a great opportunity for everybody to prove that NATO is united,' said Khidasheli.

'That’s extremely important to show to everybody and to make sure that nobody has an idea that there is a separate game Russia has with different countries,' she said.

She went on to say that she would like to see Warsaw Summit as an 'opportunity for NATO to prove to Russia that it is in charge of its own decision-making and Russia does not have a veto power on any decisions coming out of Brussels or Warsaw in this case, being the host of the Summit, and to show that Europe being free and safe is not limited to Article 5 boundaries.'

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