Friday, June 3 2016 14:09 EEST
Savchenko: ‘I have doubts, I’ll ever learn how to lie to people so cruel like Ukraine's politicians do’
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Savchenko describes some daily routines of Ukraine’s MPs.

Ukraine’s MP from ‘Batkivshchyna’ party Nadiya Savchenko doubts, she’ll ever learn to lie to people like Ukraine’s politicians do it every single day, she stated while talking to the press:

‘There was an incident. This is how Ukraine’s Parliament works and this is what surprises me very much. I listen, I try to listen and understand. For instance, my colleague MP reads an amendment to the pension reform. She describes it as very beneficial for people. I listen and think to myself: ‘Yes, this is a right thing to do’. I vote ‘for’ the amendment with my MP card. But then, I start to get suspicious, withdraw my card and I say: ‘Please, show me the amendment’. They give it to me so I could read it. It’s beyond me to grasp how MPs do such things every day. My colleague MP explained to me, what the amendment was about and then I read it myself and it turns out that it implies a compeletely different thing. So, I just withdrew my card and didn’t vote. Unfortunately, I know this colleague of mine very well. I intend to approach her and say, that if it’s the way Ukraine’s Parliament works, then, I’m sorry, we keep cheating people every day. I don’t want to be a part of this’, - Savchenko shared with journalists. 

As reported earlier by, Savchenko 'tightly' reins MPs: 'Either you save Ukraine, or the people will launch the bomb that is to kill us all!'

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