Friday, June 3 2016 02:08 EEST
OSCE was denied to passage out of Luhansk by pro-Russian hit men
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The OSCE mission did not manage to leave the area because terrorists did not allow them to do that.

According to the mission press service, pro-Russian hit men prevented the representatives of the OSCE special Mission from leaving the territory of Stanitsya Luhanska.

Pro-Russian militants behaved aggressively toward OSCE and demanded that Special Mission must leave areas to the south of the bridge in Stanitsya Luhanska.

Terrorists explained that representatives of the OSCE did not have the right to be on this territory.

There are about 10 observers of the OSCE Special Mission in Stanytsya Luhanska.

According to the OSCE, more than 200 explosions were registered In Stanytsya for the last night.  

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