Thursday, June 2 2016 22:50 EEST
People of Lviv, Ukraine demand Sadovyi’s resignation in two petitions
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One of the petitions has got almost half of the required votes just in 24 hours. Two petitions demanding the resignation of Lviv’s mayor of Andriy Sadovyi have appeared on the official website of Lviv’s city council. One of them reads that Sadovyi should be deprived of his privileges for negligence, corruption and sabotaging the creation of a waste processing plant at Gribovichskaya dump that led to tragic events.

'The facts, which are subject to criminal responsibility should be considered by competent authorities,' Vasiliy Molodovan’s petition says. It has got 450 of the required 1,000 votes just in 24 hours.

The second petition states that the mayor Andriy Sadovyi has shown his ineffectiveness and corruption: he owes Lviv Bus Plant 70 mln hryvnias and lobbies his own business interests instead of taking care of the city’s improvement.

Moreover, they say that Sadoviy 'makes personnel changes in a secular state due to the initiative of the church', avoids responsibility for all the events that cast a shadow on Lviv, just like it happened with the LGBT festival, the issue on tariffs for transportation, etc.

'Lviv mayor's office denied 43 companies from 14 countries, who offered to build a waste processing plant for the city. Wasn’t it because of its disadvantage for local barons and unwillingness of foreign investors to pay kickbacks?' the document says.

Thus, the author of the petition and more than 80 people, who had subscribed it, asked Lviv’s city council to take a decision on Sadoviy’s resignation from the post of Lviv’s mayor.

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