Friday, June 3 2016 00:22 EEST
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WATCH: Egyptian 'pro-Russian' journalist Mo'men Mokhtar names his son Putin
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The Egyptian journalist and translator from Cairo Mo'men Mokhtar from Cairo gave his newborn son name Putin.

Mo'men Mokhtar shared on Facebook: 'Thank God. God gave me a son, his name is Putin Mokhtar.'

The journalist noted that 'there are a lot of Vladimirs in the world and only one Putin. The surname of Putin becomes unique if it is used as a name.'

According to edesknews, Characteristically, the Russian-speaking readers of his page did not share the enthusiasm of the Egyptian about the baby’s name. They noted that it would be better to call the son 'Vova.'

As reported earlier by, Russia opens new front of hybrid war in Israel. The representatives of Russian propaganda made a video about the spreading of fascism in Israel.

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