Thursday, June 2 2016 23:24 EEST
Video: Home invasion robbery in Oklahoma City
USA, Oklahoma City, Police Depatament, home inasion, robbery, assault rifle, pistols, crime, victims, blackmail

If you have ever wondered what a home invasion robbery actually looks like, wonder no more.

Oklahoma City Police Department reported on Facebook:

Yesterday afternoon a home invasion occurred in the 2700 block of SW 38th and the house was equipped inside and out with surveillance cameras that are giving us a great look at what happened during this incident. Three suspects, one of whom was armed with an assault rifle – the other two with pistols, made entry into the home where they ransacked the residence, took cash and two of the victim’s vehicles. Both stolen cars are black Cadillacs with paper tags. A fourth suspect remained in a getaway car outside of the residence. Although there were adults and several children inside the residence at the time of the robbery, thankfully nobody was injured. Although the suspects’ faces are covered, you get a good look at their clothing, the way they move, their body type and their car. Two of the suspects were described as black males and the third was Hispanic.

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