Thursday, June 2 2016 22:19 EEST
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Watch: Russian ballet dancer Anastasia Volochkova lies in the sun near her house
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The ballet dancer has nothing to be ashamed of. Anastasia Volochkova has arranged a day-off. Following her bright holidays at the Maldives, she decided to take a sun bath at home.

Volochkova shared her pics in Instgram. She is sunbathing on the lawn in the courtyard of her house having only her yellow shorts on.

'Finally, my day-off! How wonderful it is! To spend it without leaving the sweet home, to do what you want and not to do what you don’t want to. To wake up whenever you want, to take the bath, to sunbath, to lie on fresh grass, to refreshing in a cold font and just afford to be lazy, without putting the points on' the dancer wrote.

'It would be better with a bathing suit, an adult woman that has children,' 'She’s put off her clothes but still has no waist,' 'Aren’t you ashamed?' the users commented.

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