Thursday, June 2 2016 19:47 EEST
Yuri Butusov: 'New military unit known as a rapid response team of the National Guard will get its new battle flag at the polygon of Stare'

On June 2, a new military unit known as a rapid response team of the National Guard will get its new battle flag at the polygon of Stare. This is a revolutionary project to create a new type of a military unit for modern wars of low intensity. Thanks to the guys from the Armed Forces, the team was able to get enough time for choosing new people and creation of a new unit just from scratch. The basis of the team is the officers and soldiers who have been in the ATO.

Yuri shared on Facebook:

Well, let’s see what they have done during this time:

1. They have developed and approved the concept of development and use of the rapid response team that is optimized for combat missions in local wars. The organizational and staff structure of the new unit has been presented too.

2. They have selected its commanders according to the following criteria: respect for soldiers; the ATO experience; passing selection to brigade with soldiers; skills of tactics of individual actions and actions as part of small groups; participation in NATO’s training programs or the ability to study the tactics of NATO and English; awareness of the need for equal conditions of service with the soldier and sergeants.

3. They have created and launched a new system of selection of personnel according to the following criteria:

Patriotism; check of motivation and volitional qualities; honesty; team spirit and mutual support; endurance; absence of bad habits. Psychological tests on physical and psychological stress are conducted during the selection. At the same time they check not the strength but the individual’s wish to overcome difficulties and his moral qualities. The oldest person in the team is 59 years old. This is a prominent warrior Anatoliy Skrytskiy.

4. They have created the headquarters of light infantry according to NATO’s standards with the increased number of officers, where they perform their functions independently - C1 is a personnel department; C2 – reconnaissance; C3 - operative, C4 - department of material logistics, C6 - intercommunication. The creation of the headquarters significantly increases the speed of decision making and response to changing tactical situation, because the management now takes solutions according to visual monitoring of the situation on the battlefield in real time. It uses NATO’s English statutes using the terminology and the NATO military tactical data. The staff’s activity is worked out with the instructors from the US National Guard and Israeli Army. The Americans gives their lectures in English.

5. They have created the Sergeant Corps of the team. Educational and motivational work with the personnel and administration was fully transferred to the sergeants. The officers don’t interfere in the competency of the sergeants who perform their tasks independently. The sergeants make up the basis of the unit. It is an independent structure that provides communication between the officers’ decisions and their implementation by the soldiers.

6. The actual recruitment of personnel to the team started in October 2015. A tactic group was prepared for actions in the front line of the ATO. They got armored personnel carriers, armored cars and started training of tank crews and artillery units. The technique still needs some work to get the full combat-ready status.

7. They have created a team of professional instructors. These men work throughout the course of combat training. The instructors have had significant practical experience with various military units during the war.

8. They have created and worked out a new course of intensive combat training for infantrymen. It lasts four months and has 12-14 working hours per day with several days-off.

9. The have established relations with civil society. This stimulates the selection of soldiers to the team. In particular, it includes volunteer corps and the participants of the ATO. Furthermore, aerial reconnaissance was launched too.

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