Thursday, June 2 2016 17:53 EEST
Poll: Russians consider Ukraine as enemy number two
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The main enemies of Russian residents are the United States, Ukraine and Turkey. This is evidenced by results of the Levada Center survey, published on the website of Vedomosti on June 2. The vast majority of respondents (72 percent) believe that the USA shows the most hostility to the Russians. The second place was given to Ukraine (48 percent). Just last year this view was held by 37 percent of the Russians.

According to the survey, 72% of Russians believe that the United States is the most hostile to the Russian Federation.

The second place with the highest ever recorded figure goes to Ukraine – 48% (it was 37% in 2015).

The third unfriendly country, according to the Russians, is Turkey. In 2015, a mere 1% of respondents thought so, but this year, 29% of respondents support this point of view.

Belarus (50%), Kazakhstan (39%) and China (34%) are considered to be Russia's best friends. At the same time, 43% of Russians named China as a Russian friend a year ago.

This year, 10% of respondents consider Syria to be a friendly country, while in 2015 a mere 2% said that.

The majority of Russian citizens still treat the US (70 percent) and the EU (62 percent) badly. Only 24 percent of respondents spoke for Russia’s joining the EU. In August 2009, there were 53 percent only. According to political analyst Dmitriy Oreshkin, 'the relation to the country is determined by the things TV shows, as most Russians have never traveled abroad.'

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