Thursday, June 2 2016 16:13 EEST
Watch: 'Bucephalus' overcomes every obstacle: National Guard revealed newest BTR-4
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The Net was surprised with a video that demonstrated the tests of Ukrainian military vehicle known as the BTR-4 Bucephalus.

The footage was released on the official YouTube channel of the Academy of the National Guard.

'The newest armoured personnel carrier BTR-4 has been delivering to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for several years. The vehicle has several versions with different power plants and additional equipment, depending on the tasks he is to perform,' the statement reads.

This version was developed in Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau. The experts have decided not to stop there and to improve the APC.

They now are carrying out a series of experiments on power plants, various weapons and attachments.

In particular, the designers are going to expand the Bucephalus and create a series of modifications aimed at non-combat tasks on its basis.

The National Guard has received the BTR-4s, which can be used to evacuate the wounded and for hospitalization. These machines are unarmed, but slightly increased in sizes. Its additional space is occupied by medical equipment.

The National Guard also has an armoured repair vehicle (ARV). Its main task is to repair and evacuate broken or damaged equipment.

The upgraded BTR-4s were tested on the territory of the Saltykov water reservoir in Kharkiv region.

As reported earlier by, Kiev armored plant presented the capabilities of the BTR-3. The armourers presented a stunning promotional video of a modified armored personnel carrier BTR-3, which is serially manufactured in behalf of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a number of export buyers by the capacities of the Kiev armored plant.

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