Thursday, June 2 2016 05:34 EEST
Two of the missing Ukrainian businessmen found dead in Russia
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Supposedly, two businessmen were killed by shouting in head after a private party.

In Tambov, Russia were found two dead businessmen. The police detected their bodies in the Abakumovka river.

It were 37-year old Vitaliy Hubarev and 44-year-old Vitaliy Naidenko. The reasons of what has happened are still unknown.

Now the experts’ commission try to investigate the details and promise to make the results publicly available straight after the commission make a conclusion.

As is known, Hubarev and Naidenko came to Tambov for a business trip on 10th May. A few days later they held a party in their rented flat. To the party was invented their friend. According to his testimonies, everyone drunk alcohol.

Next day in the morning, their friend and the only witness noticed that their car is missing. Two days later, the police found the vehicle registration plate. Approximately, on May 18 the car itself was detected in the neighboring village.

Now, the police continues investigating this crime. Those who committed a crime may be sentenced to life imprisonment. 

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