Thursday, June 2 2016 01:32 EEST
Savchenko 'tightly' reins MPs: 'Either you save Ukraine, or the people will launch the bomb that is to kill us all!'
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On June 1, Nadiya Savchenko blew up the parliamentary routine with her bright speech from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada. The released pilot dedicated her speech to the creation of a temporary commission to investigate the offshore scandal.

Savchenko compared the current parliament to Titanic. According to her, it’ll sink soon and even rats won’t be able to flee from there.

'This parliament is Titanic, and we all are to sink here. People are watching over us and if the commission isn’t created, the Ukrainians will know who you are. The people will understand who you are, when the commission doesn’t provide expected results. If the parliament is to sink, even rats won’t be able to flee. You won’t swim out. The criminals from the 90s stole and then became so full that brought their money to the church. Pray for your sins before the people, and then they will carry your Titanic and you will save Ukraine. If you don’t do so, the people will drown you, they will launch will launch the bomb that is to kill us all. Vote for the commission, and this possibly will be the first thing that the current government is to do for the people,' Nadiya Savchenko said from the rostrum.

However, Savchenko failed to persuade her colleagues in the parliament. The votes weren’t enough to create the commission: there should be 226 approvals from the deputies. It has got 108 votes only.

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