Thursday, June 2 2016 03:37 EEST
‪SFPD‬ and The Marine Mammal Center help rescue stranded sea lion pup at ocean beach
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On May 30, 2016 at approximately 1:06 AM, San Francisco Police Officers from the Richmond District responded to Ocean Beach regarding a baby sea lion in distress.

Officers located the sea lion pup at stairwell five and found it shivering, tired, and trying to warm itself next to the officers.

San Francisco Police Department shared on Facebook:

'Officers named the pup 'George Bison'; however, at this time it is still undetermined whether or not the pup is a male or female. 'George' is the call sign for officers assigned to Richmond Station, and the station’s softball team mascot is a bison. Officers were in constant communication with The Marine Mammal Center and kept the pup company until morning to ensure it didn’t cross into oncoming traffic once commute hours began.

The SFPD would like to thank The Marine Mammal Center for their support in helping rescue George. We are confident the pup is in good hands with the experts at The Marine Mammal Center and are hopeful it can return to the wild successfully.'

San Francisco Police and The Marine Mammal Center encourage anyone who sees a stranded animal to not disturb it, but instead keep a safe distance away and notify The Marine Mammal Center Rescue Hotline at (415) 289-SEAL and local law enforcement authorities.

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