Thursday, June 2 2016 01:48 EEST
Rinat Akhmetov meets new coach Paulo Fonseca in Kyiv, Ukraine
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The president of Shakhtar welcomed a new coach and presented him a T-shirt with his name on it.

On May 31, the president of Shakhtar met Paulo Fonseca in Kyiv. Rinat Akhmetov welcomed the new coach and presented him the club’s T-shirt with his name on it.

'First of all I’d like to say that it’s an important day for Shakhtar today,' the president said. 'Paulo Fonseca has become the coach of our team. And I am very happy with this decision. Why did we choose Paulo? Because he is a young, ambitious and highly qualified specialist. I am sure that he’ll do everything to make the fans proud of their team. Paulo needs Shakhtar and Shakhtar needs Paulo. Yes, this is the very fresh blood that is necessary for Shakhtar. And I am sure that we all will be proud of this choice.'

Fonseca in his turn shared his impressions from the conversation with Rinat Akhmetov and voiced the main problems of Shakhtar.

'Our most important goals, which we have discussed with the president, are to win! This always is in the first place,' Paulo said. 'Secondly, we have to show the beautiful attacking football that will please our fans. We want to build an absolutely dominant team that has power over the ball and knows how to please their fans with scores and numerous trophies.'

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