Thursday, June 2 2016 01:13 EEST
War in Donbass: Russia agrees to placing OSCE armed police mission
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Experts and specialists will discuss the matter in more detail.

The Russian Federation gives its consent to placing OSCE armed police mission in Donbass to monitor the armed conflict, Deputy Head of Poroshenko’s Administration, Kostyantyn Yeliseyev, informed in an interview to ‘Interfax’.

‘We are about to start work in Vienna at the level of Permanent Representatives of Ukraine peace talks at the OSCE. The procedure presupposes, that all OSCE member states will ultimately be brought in, since we need consent from all Organization’s members to place the police mission in Donbass. Russia has already given its consent’, - he said.

He noted, that some critics say that all this is Kyiv’s wishful thinking: ‘It’s not wishful thinking. I reiterate, that we have recordings of telephone conversations, which contain Russian President’s complete consent to placing armed OSCE police mission in Donbass. I can only add, that leaders didn’t discuss any details. It’s a prerogative of experts and specialists will do it’. 

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