Wednesday, June 1 2016 17:43 EEST
Donetsk doesn’t care about anything: Russians aren’t taken to service, 60% of staff are drunk
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Within two years of the war fighters have turned the occupied territories into chaos: professional militaries have been sent to trenches like ordinary soldiers, Moscow advisers are eager to come to the Donbass for salaries and ranks and everything is full of stealing and carelessness, Igor Strelkov-Girkin’s companion-in-arms says.

'Donetsk doesn’t care. Russians aren’t recommended to take to the service. Ideal and Russian officers are in trenches like ordinary soldiers, there are local devils and Russian nobodies wear uniform and awards, 45-60% of the personnel are drunk, chicks in uniforms and cruisers with the plates of RG0000 – everything is so absurd,' the mercenary commented.

The DPR’s fighter Andriy Chervonets created a post in Live Journal and published a conversation with an unnamed mercenary who had told about the attitude to Russia’s militaries, the realities of the occupied Donbass and the mood of the militants.

In particular, the mercenary said that nobody was interested in soldiers’ opinion. They started thinking that the region is to be given to Ukraine. The DNR is being prepared for the OSCE police mission.

'But Putin is talking about this with great pleasure. The most interesting thing is that the Donbass is more likely just to be informed about the fact. Just like in Savchenko’s situation. Ah... No... They also will show another video with Putin, Zakharchenko and Plotnitskiy, where they are to ask to introduce the police mission in the Donbass,' the fighter said.

According to him, the professional fighters from Syria don’t get any leading positions, the command posts are given to the 'absolute idiots', who cannot deal with military affairs.

As reported earlier by, Scandal in Kiev, Ukraine: Students are taken to army just from dormitory. The students describe this as lawlessness. The scandal has appeared around the National Technical University of Ukraine’s (KPI) students. They are being sent to military service in the army just from the dormitory.

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