Wednesday, June 1 2016 18:22 EEST
Russia opens new front of hybrid war in Israel
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On May 31, the representatives of Russian propaganda made a video about the spreading of fascism in Israel.

Let us introduce the video where Russian propagandists are telling about the Israelis’ tolerant attitude to Ukrainian Nazis.

According to information provided in the video, Russia’s propaganda is eager to show that there are banners of UPA and Right Sector in Israel's streets.

'The new movement of Zhidobandera,' the propagandists noted.

They also reported that volunteers from Israel had been about to take part in the war in the occupied Donbass.

In addition, the Russian propagandists stressed that the residents of Israel had paid less attention to celebrations of May 9 than to the preparations for the upcoming "gay parade in Tel Aviv.'

As reported earlier by, Russian militaries are to create hundreds of 'Yunarmiya' centers around the country, where kids will be taught the art of killing.

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